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Fashion bags customized maintenance methods

Bags use little common sense

1. Do not let the luggage load too heavy, may cause the bag wrinkles or deformation cracking damage.

2. Bags maintenance: keep dry, stored in a cool place.

3. The correct use of luggage habits can improve the durability of luggage.

4. If the fabric hardware can not be broken, pay attention to avoid contact with chemicals or grapple.

5. Keep the luggage dry, such as luggage wet or damp, may lead to deformation.

6. Do not put the glossy patent leather bag into the plastic bag to avoid sticking.

7. different color of the bag, do not close together for a long time to avoid staining.

8. Bags should not be exposed, roasted, washed, sharp objects and contact with chemical solvents.

9. Sanding skin should avoid wet water, should be raw rubber rub and special supplies cleaning care, should not use shoe polish.

10. luggage without any water treatment procedures, wet the luggage, please use a soft cloth to dry, to prevent the stain or watermark leaving the surface wrinkles. If used in rain, should pay special attention

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